Ted Price of Insomniac Games sits down with PlayStation’s Official UK magazine and talks up some Fuse. Price admits that in the world of box arts it is difficult to satisfy everyone (Bioshock Infinite anyone?) and that getting the right message across through the cover is pretty difficult too.

fuse box art

Price: Covers are tough. They’re always difficult and we’ve been through the wringer over covers for years and years trying to figure out what best represents the game. It’s rare that everybody’s truly satisfied with the cover either internally and externally, so we make the best decisions we can. For us on Fuse it was about showing that Fuse, this alien substance, is a central part of the game which we hadn’t shown before. And we were also prepared for a lot of feedback on the cover. It has drawn attention and people asked a lot of questions about it: Why’d you cut of their heads? What’s the reasoning behind that? Well, part of the reasoning is when you have four characters and you want to present them on the front of a cover, we found the default positions for them were Charlie’s Angles-type poses, where it looks contrived and almost silly. And we were trying to avoid that.  – Ted Price

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