If you were hoping to play Phil Fish’s sequel to Fez, you’ll have a hard time finding it on the Xbox One. According to Fish, he would love to release the game on multiple platforms, ” but microsoft is making it impossible for me to release on theirs…”

We aren’t sure what platforms the game will be on, but we do know which one it wont be on. While doing an interview with Polygon, Fish was asked on what platforms he’d like to release the game on, Fish simply replied, “Not Xbox.”

To some people this seems to be just another chapter in the long, Fish v. Microsoft soap opera. The two have butted heads in the past, most famously, the “patch” situation – he refers to above. Fish had patched Fez on the XBLA when it was first released, and  Microsoft charged the independent developer a ridiculous amount of money for him to release the patch. After that first patch corrupted save files Microsoft pulled, causing Fish to release a second one to fix the problem – and charging him again for it. It was down hill from there as you can imagine.

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