In this episode of the TwoDashStash Indie Stash Cast we interview Ivo van Dijk, the creative director and lead composer, of Karmaflow; the first rock opera video game ever created.

Earlier we introduced you to Karmaflow, a platforming puzzle adventure game with a strong emphasis on music. We were able to catch up with Ivo about the project for an exclusive Indie Stash interview.

In this interview Ivo shared his experiences with working so many talented musicians, some of the gameplay elements of Karmaflow, and much more.

Will the lead singers of Cradle Filth, Dragonforce, Epica, Armanthe, The Agonist, and Metallium all come together for a big musical finally? Check out the interview to find out!

– Karmaflow site.
– Indiegogo page.

UPDATE: The Karmaflow Indiegog campaign has ended. The team was able to raise just over $30,000 from the campaign and has started taking pre-orders through Paypal for those who are interested in the game but missed out on the Indiegogo campaign.

UPDATE 2: Ivo made the following announcement on the game’s Facebook page in regards to some of the musical talent he was trying to work with:

Hi all,
So probably the 2 names people are requesting most to be part of Karmaflow, are Roy Khan and Tarja. Unfortunatly Tarja’s manager let us know she is to busy the coming with promoting her new album. 

Roy Khan left Kamelot apparantly because live on the road was taking too much of a toll on him. Also he became a devout follower to God. We have been trying to get in touch with him, but I don’t feel comfortable with the idea that the man probably might not want to be bothered.

Now I have been a great fan of Kamelot for many years, and would more than love to have Roy participate in Karmaflow. He is actually the first singer we had on our list and created a character with in mind…
But if he can’t be found, he probably has his reasons…

Cheers! Ivo

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  • Todd Black

    This game looks and sounds awesome! Ivo was a great guest and everyone should help out and donate to their Indiegogo page.
    And I still want that jacket.

    • Todd Black

      I just donated to the project. Just call me, Todd Black: Karma Warrior.