This week on the TDS GAMES CAST we have a  special guest Christian Cardona & Kent King here to talk about their current project  METROID: ENEMIES WITHIN.

With fan-films and Machinima genres being as massive as they are on YouTube, it was about time that Hollywood’s elite got in on the action. Twodashstash is very proud to present the full, un-edited, interview with Lead Writer/Director and Producer of the Metroid fan film – Metroid: Enemies Within Christian Cardona (Captain America, The Black Swan and the TV show Bones) and Producer Kent King (Known for her work on General Hospital and its spin-off Night Shift) . Join us as Todd and the rest of the TDS crew revel in the passion and devotion that these two stalwarts bring to this lovingly conceived project.

So listen to our interview and then check out their Kickstarter (link above) to read more!

Still having doubts about helping? Then read this blog as to why you should help this project succeed.

UPDATE: The Metroid: Enemies Within Kickstarter page has been flagged for an intellectual property dispute. We will provide any updates on this project as we receive them.

UPDATE 2: Metroid: Enemies Within has been officially shut down. More information on this story here.

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  • Ryan Barrett

    Forgive me for being skeptical, but I can’t imagine this will be good. Samus Aran is a video game character, and contrary to what you might believe, should only stay that way. Just in case you guys weren’t aware: Samus’s suit is part of her DNA, not something you can “steal.” If the 10-minute plot is based on this fact – which is HEAVILY implied by those storyboards (love those super lo-tech keycards btw, nice touch guys) – it is not just an “inaccurate detail,” it’s basically what makes Samus that much better than any other fictional character in a special suit of armor.

    • Todd Black

      I’m not sure that’s exactly true. Samus has had her suit striped of powers and sometimes blasted off of her. Which game says that? I remember that the Power Suit was an artifact given to her by the Chozo but that’s it.

      In an interview Mr. Sakamoto (developer) said that: “For Samus to remain connected with the Power Suit requires mental energy unfathomable to an ordinary person.”
      So, if she was beaten by an enemy then captured I’d say it wouldn’t be hard to have someone take off the suit. This actually happened in Zero Mission kind of. And Fusion had doctors remove parts of the suit because it became infected with the X virus.
      Anyway there’s plenty of time to make changes IF they need to. I honestly don’t think they need to. It’s a small thing really and there’s precedent for the suit being removed by external forces.

      I still think this movie will rock, these are Metroid fans, they know what they’re doing.

      • Ryan Barrett

        Hey Todd. Here’s some research for ya: (the manga was overseen by Sakamoto) and: &

        Believe it or not, it’s always been like this. For all intents and purposes, the suit could be seen as a “living entity” inside of Samus. It is a part of her being. Furthermore, yes, parts of her suit (i.e. the big outer parts) were removed in Fusion. I also seem to remember it saying that certain parts were so infused with her body that they couldn’t remove it completely, and thus, the “Fusion Suit” was born. Same thing happened in MP3 with the PED suit. She also gets her Varia back right at the end of MP3, too…unexplained how, though.

        Played Other M? Her suit disappears when she dies or becomes heavily distraught at the Ridley and Adam scenes (overwhelmed, emotionally). So yeah. no one can “steal” Samus’s suit, sorry to say. Even if they knocked her out somehow, she would revert back to her Zero Suit. Regardless, you can’t steal the suit from her body. It’s what makes Samus who she is, and you writing it off as a “small thing” is more insulting to the character than you think.

        • Todd Black

          Ryan, first off, thank you for those pages. When I heard your first comment I honestly looked it up but couldn’t find anything, those were very illuminating and I thank you for adding to my knowledge.

          That being said I would like to post a link of my own:

          I know it’s not technically a Metroid game but I think it counts. As you can see Samus has her suit “stolen” and needs to get it back. This is what I think most people remember as it’s not really stated that Samus’ suit is part of her DNA. That and she’s taken off her helmet before, they just think of it as an exoskeleton.
          Right or wrong it’s too early to judge this. These are storyboards and Christian (head of the project) said that these are just the basis of what might happen in the film. Oh and the key cards are apparently going away he made special mention of that.
          I said it was a “small thing” because of that scene from Smash Bros where I saw her away from her suit. I don’t think many fans know about the DNA thing, as I did not before today.
          To me I’m glad that they’re having her suit “stolen” because it adds drama and effect when she finally puts it on. But that’s just me, I’m not trying to influence you. When the movie comes out, yes I said when, I’ll be happy to pick this back up and we can discuss it again.

  • Todd Black

    I’m totally amped for this, I totally want this, I’ve already donated to this, join us in our crusade to make this a reality!