Last month at a Pokémon event there was a small teaser image shown of two fully 3D Pokémon getting ready to battle. It was short, and left us with a lot of questions. And though not definitive, we may have an answer to what is coming next.

During an interview with Nintendo Life, Pokémon Director, Junichi Masuda addressed many topics on the franchise. Many of the questions were about the upcoming Pokémon X & Y and some of the big gameplay changes that are in them.

He was also asked about said teaser image and he was awfully coy about what it meant,  Ooh, I wonder what it was… I’m not sure…

When asked to go on about the image he stated, “It was kind of a concept about what the future of Pokemon may look like…”

Well he didn’t flat out deny it so that’s something right? The Wii U could really use the power of Pokémon to sell more consoles. The fans certainly want this, let’s see if Nintendo will give them what they want.

Source: [Nintendo Life]


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