This year I has the pleasure of attending Dragon Con, a large sci-fi/fantasy convention held every year in Atlanta. It was an absolute blast. The people are incredible, the atmosphere is nothing short of whimsical, and the sheer size of the convention is astounding.

If you are wondering why you should care about Dragon Con, here is a good reason: there is something for everyone. Even if you are not a fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genres, you will find something that interests you. Celebrities are everywhere, Cos players are the norm, and there are themed parties every night in each of the host hotels ballrooms that do not end until the sun rises. The panels at Dragon Con cover everything from the Whedonverse and Star-Trek, to video games and board games, and everything in between. Even the recent exposure of the NSA’s surveillance abuse had a featured panel.

The TLDR version: If it exists, you can find it at Dragon Con.

This is why you should care about Dragon Con.

Unfortunately, my camera died and I was only able to grab a few pictures. However, this is why you should never go alone to these things because you can have awesome and reliable friends who are more than happy to let you share their pictures on the internet.

[quote_center]The TLDR version: If it exists, you can find it at Dragon Con.[/quote_center]


Photo Credits: Edward Fieder (@EFiederPhoto)

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Photo Credits: Gerrard Shon Davis

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Photo Credits: Earl VanAlstyne III

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