It’s tough for me to judge a game like Master Reboot, mainly because I can honestly say I’ve never played anything like it. That also gives me a unique perspective as this game is meant to be a psychological horror game. On that basis, along with some other aspects, I can say Master Reboot succeeds on many counts.

This game is a point-and-click mystery game. Due to the fact that it’s a mystery game I will keep spoilers to a minimum and be vague when I can.

The beginning of the game is a literally fish-out-of-water experience. You have no idea who you are, where you are, and why you’re there. It also doesn’t give you any clues as to your control scheme either so you’re left guessing what does what.

Thankfully once you make it past the initial “insertion” the game picks up with an explanation as to what to expect. You have to go through your memories and complete them to reach the final area.

The Overworld. It's an interesting place.

The Overworld. It’s an interesting place.

Along the way you’ll be picking up information about your life, your friends, and a mysterious corporation called, Mysteri Corporation. Who you are, and how the Mysteri Corporation is involved, is one of the backbones of Master Reboot. Although it took me a while to process things I soon found myself desiring to learn more and piece together the mystery that was everything. After a while I actually referred to myself as the main character saying things like “What are you trying to do to me?” and “I will find you.” and the like. That’s how immersive this game is, you feel like its your life being put together and not just the main characters.

Every level ends with you getting a piece of your memory back – small cut scenes are played that gives you more insight into your life. This is simple but very well done, and help weave a narrative that is very compelling.

The two big conflicts in the game are the levels and the person who is messing it all up. Master Reboot’s levels are all in puzzle form in one way or another. As a point-and-click game you must complete each puzzle to move on. Many of them are challenging, but if you put your mind to it and have patience you will succeed. There are some very difficult puzzles in Master Reboot, so fans of puzzle games will find a challenge here.

The antagonist, and other conflict, is a girl you meet everywhere in the game. She is causing havoc on your memories and she has it out for you. Another big mystery is who the girl is, personally, until the end I called her Alma.

Meet Alma....oh you want a closer look?

Oh…you want a closer look?


There will be comparisons to Fear when you play this game because of her (for the record her name isn’t actually Alma). She is not only the antagonist, but she will try to kill you every single time she sees you. But her mystery is deep and the end sheds light on everything about her and it makes her a very compelling character.

The level design for Master Reboot is top-notch. It’s simple, very simple in fact, but it works so well because of the atmosphere the team behind the game put into it. From the look, to the music, to the feel and gameplay, everything worked together to deliver a complete level. Every level is a different memory, and every one has its own unique setting and puzzles, some are simple and some are hard but you can tackle the levels in any order you wish.

The Graveyard Level, creepy.

The art design is tricky to talk about. The game uses the Unreal Engine but as stated above takes a very simplistic approach to design. Again, it works, but to some it might detract. But to those willing to give this a shot you will not be disappointed. Some areas are filled with effects that will make you say wow. For example there’s a level where it looks like its raining digital code. It’s beautiful.

This game is a mystery thriller mixed with some horror, and it all works well together. The mystery will make you want to go deeper and deeper until you figure things out, either in part or in whole. As for the scares… you’ll be scared. I jumped multiple times, mainly because of the female antagonist coming out of nowhere to attack me. It’s all very well done, and never overdone.

I want to make a special note for the sound design. The music of Master Reboot is amazing. It’s the right mix of mystery, terror, curiosity, and sometimes peace. There were times were the music scared me as much as the level. Other times it made me very wary and wondering what was about to happen. Case and point, you will find yourself in a forest for one level and there’s a merry-go-round. You will go near it to get a puzzle piece and all of a sudden Greensleeves plays, also known as “What Child is This?” in a very eerie tone and it will give you shivers.

You’ll randomly hear things all around you, you’ll hear the antagonist laughing at you and taunting you. In the game there are messages for you to find that are pure evil, but when you read them you hear voices telling you to “remember”. Every time I asked myself, “Remember what?” All in all everything worked to deliver pure terror.

What? You said you wanted to see her up close!

What? You said you wanted to see her up close!


There are a few drawbacks though. The controls sometimes are finicky. There were times when I had to hit something and I know I’m hitting it but nothing happened. I had to move to get a better angle to do things. Which leads to action commands, sometimes you need to be just in the right spot to do something. This might tick players off that they have to be so sensitive to the task. Also sometimes you’re not really told what to do in levels, yes its part of the game but at times I was wondering around looking for purpose and only by luck did I stumble upon my goal. It didn’t happen all the time, but some of the time it did.

My only other criticism was in gathering information. You get info by finding blue ducks, which is a nice touch. At least until I have to scour every inch of the level to find them. Sometimes I had to go way out of my way to get them. Sometimes I had to fight just to try and find them. Scouring for clues is great, but you’re risking your life to try and get them? Not fun. If you don’t get the ducks you’ll be left with numerous questions and get an incomplete feeling in regards to the game.

In the end though Master Reboot delivers a very interesting experience right up to the finale. The end stage is s boss fight supreme and the ending is both sad and poetic, you will feel for your character, what you feel though is up to you.

Overall, this game is great. When fun and challenging puzzles meets a gripping story that will scare you, you get a game that you won’t forget for a long time. If that’s for you, then I recommend Master Reboot. It’s available on Steam now.

Master Reboot Review
Master Reboot delivers on everything it set out to do. Gripping story, psychological horror, and an experience to remember, it's all here.
  • Deep Story That Will Keep You Guessing
  • Wonder Level Design
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Getting Info via Blue Ducks Can Be A Chore
  • Finnicky Controls
  • Not always clear what to do in levels and puzzles
4.0Overall Score
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