As an avid gamer of many disciplines its rare that I find something that can truly can be described as “original”. This especially holds true in the world of RPG’s. But the team at Elemental-Labs are definitely a contender with their title Reborn.

Reborn is an action RPG that combines real-time battles with character customization and upgrades, then puts them in a futuristic yet somewhat traditional version of Tokyo.

It really is a blending of styles in Reborn and that is what has me very intrigued. The main character Musashi Miyamoto is actually based off a real swordsman, but he (due to the story) has augmentation and is thus part robot. This theme of blending goes deep into the game, from the characters, to the world, to the fighting, and of course the story.

The game takes place in Neo-Tokyo, a city steeped in corruption. Their President is a cyborg named Rena Nakano. Rena is also the head of the Nexus Roku Corportation, they are the ones who make the augmentations for humans to “make life easier” but in reality they’re controlling their behavior and the city is suffering because of it.


A businesswoman and a politician? Could there be any eviler of a bad guy? I don’t think so. Especially since she’s apparently trying to revive an ancient demon to grant her immortality. Wow.

Anyway you take control of Musashi and a handful of heroes to try and stop her. Franz Tissera (head of Elemental-Labs) expresses heavily on the importance of both character and story in Reborn,  and his team took their time studying ancient Japan alongside classic futuristic stories to really nail the feel for what this world and its characters should be like.

I for one am grateful for this. I’ve seen developers rush to put story in a game and the end doesn’t justify the means. Clearly the team at Elemental-Labs are willing to take their time and do the job right.

“Clearly the team at Elemental-Labs are willing to take their time and do the job right.”

But what’s story without gameplay right? Well Reborn has plenty of depth in regards to combat. First off you can choose between two players in the single player campaign to fight as. Each character has their own skills that differ from the other. Musashi is a samurai and uses melee weapons, where as Tsukihime is a mage and thus she uses her mana and magic to do the talking.

The combat system is said to be fast paced and deep. You can actually switch between unarmed and weaponized combat on the fly, add to that special combos and attacks alongside upgrades and new skills you can learn and you have a menagerie of options of how to kick butt and make every playthrough unique. Oh and did I mention that this is a multiplayer experience as well? Oh I didn’t? Silly me…

How you play will also affect you later on. Stealth is a big part of the game, and if you use it correctly you’ll get extra bonuses. Then there’s Social Perception. This is where how you approach a situation will affect not just how you are but how others see you. Be too aggressive and it may cost you in interactions later.

So aside from story and gameplay the team at Elemental-Labs really want to make this world look and sound beautiful. Their doing their best to make this game shine (as it is coming to next-gen consoles) but also to give it that emotional punch that only music can bring. They have gathered expert musicians to bring a great album of music to this game. They have a bunch of concept art and clips of music titles already made, check them out on the link at the bottom of the page. Needless to say, they have big plans and big visions for this world.


I’ve barely touched upon all the depth that this game offers but if you’re like me, you’re already excited. This is something truly amazing and unlike many games we’ve seen before.

The team from Elemental-Labs are asking for $200,000 dollars to help complete this game via Kickstarter. They’re already a fifth of the way there with over 20 days to go. So if you want a unique action RPG with depth in gameplay and story, and an interesting take on how the future meet the past, I suggest checking out Reborn.

Reborn Kickstarter Page

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