The launch of the Playstation 4 is just around the corner and with it, a slew of new, intriguing, and highly addictive indie games are on their way. With Sony’s initiative to bring more indie games to the Playstation 4 console I decided to list, in no particular order, some of the best indie games on the Playstation 3. Some of these may be exclusive to the PS3, some may not, but they all should be looked at, at some point if you’re a fan of indies or a gamer that is in need of something new and exciting. This list will also help you find a game you may have over looked.

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Here they are. Again in no particular order of greatness (updated frequently):

Dead Nation (Housemarque)


A twin-stick shooter like Super Stardust HD, also from Housemarque, Dead Nation released exclusively on the PSN in 2010. In Dead Nation you can either play by your lonesome self or with friends, whether it be online or locally, as you fight your way through a chaotic and zombie infested city. The game is known for being highly addictive and having a satisfying yet punishing difficulty.

Flower (thatgamecompany)


Flower is one of those games that when you first hear the concept of what it is you get confused, then curiosity kicks in. From developer thatgamecompany, Flower is also one of the most beautiful and relaxing game I have played. Controlled by the SixAxis tech in your PS3 remote. you control a pedal(s). As you go through the game you’ll be joined by more pedals thus making your journey (see what I did there) through the beautiful landscapes of the game even more engaging.

Sound Shapes (Queasy Games )


Sound Shapes takes the traditional platformer concept and… well, that’s it. It’s a game that doesn’t compare with past games in the genre. From the creative mind of Jonathan Mak of Qyeasy Games, Sounds Shapes ignores death and combat, instead incorporates amazing sounds and beautiful visuals with exciting gameplay mechanics. Sound Shapes offers up an unexpected  and satisfying experience that’s worth your time.

The Unfinished Swan (Giant Sparow)

The Unfinished Swan is one of those exclusive Playstation 3 indie games and can’t be passed up. You play the game as a young boy who is chasing a swan into an unfinished kingdom. As the game starts you are in a white space, a space that is revealed by splattering paint around the world to bring fourth the features of it around you, make it to the end of the game and you’re rewarded with a narrative that’s unforgettable.

Retro City Rampage (VBlank Entertainment)


Brian Provinciano’s Retro City Rampage, is a game that takes some of the most memorable characters from our pop culture and creates a hilarious and fun to play – classic Grand Theft Auto like – game. The spoofs in this game includes games such a Metal Gear to movies such as, one of my favorites of all time, Back to the Future. Play it and get away from all the seriousness of the world for a little bit.

Journey (thatgamecompany)


If this list was a list of the best games from independent developers on the Playstation 3, Journey from thatgamecompany would be the obvious number one. Despite its short length, Journey is a story about your experiences with the people you meet online, who you have no idea who they are (usernames aren’t known), and how you use each other to journey across this beautiful desert landscape. Journey like other games on this list is an experience you must have if you own a Playstation 3 console.

Super Stardust HD (Housemarque)


Another game from developer Housemarque, Super Stardust HD. This was one of the first great games to come out on the PSN – less than a year into the Playstation 3’s life. Super Stardust HD has players fend off hundreds asteroids, all while enjoying a beautiful explosion of colors. Upgraded your lil ship and gain multipliers and you have a great and addicting game.

Guacamelee (Drink Box Studios)


Guacamelee is a Metroidvania-style action-platformer set in a magical Mexican world where you play as luchador Juan Aguacate. Juan is on a mission to rescue El Presidente’s daughter, to do so he’ll have to jump through different dimensions in the attempt to rescue El Presidente’s daughter, who was taken by a skeleton that jumps through said dimensions. Beautiful words and a soundtrack that incorporates traditional Mexican music, Guacamelee is a game that all Vita and PS3 owners must have.

Lone Survivor (SuperFlatGames)

A psychological survival adventure game Lone Survivor  tries to bring Sony back to it’s Silent Hill glory days. You can play as our lonely, exhausted, and starving protagonist, in two different ways sneaking through the city for the whole game or blasting your way through like a mad man as you question that what your seeing is even true.


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