Telltale Games is one of the premiere Indie Developers out there. With successful titles like Sam & Max, The Walking Dead, and now The Wolf Among Us, they’re firing on all cylinders. But what would they want to make next if they had the choice?

During a conversation on Reddit, Dan Connor and Kevin Bruner expressed their feeling on the matter. Also they talked about the future of Telltale Games.

What game would they want to make? Well if it’s up to them they’d like to go to a galaxy far, far, away.

Bruner states, “A Telltale Star Wars game would make me VERY happy!”

Conner added to that saying, “Coming from LucasArts we have so many people here that love Star Wars and have worked with the license so that would be a great fit and very cool.”

So a Star Wars game huh? That’d be cool. Like they said they have experience with the franchise, who better to make a possible episodic Star Wars game than them?

On the topic of future games the two “can’t wait” to reveal a “few licenses that definitely fall into our dream IP scenario”.

Intriguing, what could they be working on?

Source: [Reddit]

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