RPG’s strive to give you a memorable experience. Whether it’s through great characters,  a well-written story, fantastic gameplay, or a beautiful world to explore. But in Astral Terra, the developers want you shape the world and your character as you see fit. Literally.

The team at Tethys Interactive have developed a smooth voxel system via the Unity Engine to deliver gorgeous worlds that are both procedural and editable. The world around you can be edited at any moment, and changed to what you want. There are seven realms in Astral Terra, each world is generated the moment you enter the game and can all be edited. Imagine the possibilities.

[quote_right]”With the constantly changing worlds there is no limit to the wonders that Astral Terra can provide.”[/quote_right]This also goes for your characters, you can choose from one of three races: The Fey, Dark Elves, or Humans, once you pick you’re dropped into the world you can do whatever you want. The characters will shape themselves based on how you play, no more archetypes, or forced skills, you become what you want to become.

But as in all RPG’s there is much to do and explore. The seven realms are full of life and mysteries for you to find. Gather resources to build new items. Craft building, or statues, or other architectures, it’s all up to you!


The world is big, really big

Another interesting aspect of Astral Terra is the ability to play alone or with friends. Show off your worlds, or join them and go on an epic adventure. With the constantly changing worlds there is no limit to the wonders that Astral Terra can provide.

It’s rare that a game truly leaves me in awe of what they’re doing. Astral Terra is getting to that point. The thought of ever-changing worlds, that I can change on a whim is very intriguing. I hope it lives up to its potential.

Astral Terra is currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight to be funded and approved.

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  • Sam G.

    Backed and upvoted on Greenlight. The game really looks impressive and I can’t wait to see more! Alpha needs to come faster!