There are many genres of video games. There are sub-genres within those genres, and no other genre has more sub-genres than the RPG’s. From free-flow, to strategy, and even old school turn based, there are a lot of ways to make and classify them. Avadon 2: The Corruption is very much an old school RPG, both in gameplay and look. While that may be enticing to some, it will turn others away.

Avadon 2 is a top down, isometric, turn-based RPG that hearkens back to the days of old. Anyone who has done tabletop or old school D&D should be right at home with Avadon 2. Anyone who hasn’t, well I’ll let you be the judge.

In typical RPG fashion you find yourself a pawn in a true game of thrones. What kind of person you become though is up to you through the choices you will make. Avadon 2 lets you choose what class you can be, along with whether you are male or female. It is good to have that choice as you’ll be using your character for a long time.

The other thing about Avadon 2 is it’s big, both in time consumption and the world you will be exploring. While you may have a singular goal in a particular region, you can always find other stuff to do such as, explore, find loot, enemies to fight, and much more.


Welcome to Avadon


Like in most RPG’s you will be given a team to work with, each with their own special traits, skills, and personalities. Like in most traditional RPG games, you will have a decent sized party, but can only bring a team of three into combat. After combat the other party members will gain the experience you achieve as well, so there’s no serious level gap.

Gameplay is very old-school. It’s turn based where you’ll get to attack with every member of your party then the enemy will attack. How much damage you deal depends on your character and the attack that you choose. Leveling up your character is critical to surviving, there is also big element of luck involved.

As stated before, the game is big. The story pours out like a novel, complete with nice big text boxes. It is a lot of reading, and sometimes you are just not going to want to read it all. There is no voice acting so having to read page after page of text can sometimes get annoying. If you stick it out you might just find an enjoyable experience with a plot that has twists, turns, and multiple endings.

Though overall decent, there were some things that really annoyed me. You have an inventory that you can place items in, but a lot of the items you can get early on are junk. Then there are little potions you can receive but you won’t have enough money to buy them. Add that to the constant onslaught of enemies, and the power of very high-ranking ones, and you will feel overwhelmed at times.


Another thing is the leveling system, you can boost up your skills, but sometimes its unclear what you can boost up and how much. I found myself clicking around to power something up and found I couldn’t then I clicked on something else and I could boost it up twice, I have no idea why.

The final thing is the look. It’s almost too simple, the environments aren’t too bad, but the characters lack details, the text pics are simplistic and show no emotions, and the load screens are sometimes painful to look at. It’s a mixed bag in many aspects.

In the end Avadon 2: The Corruption does a good job of delivering an old-school RPG experience. If you like those, then definitely play this game.

3 out of 5 Stashes


+ Big Story

+ Lot of Options


– Lots of Text

– Not much guiding in some aspects

– Not pleasing to look at

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