Thor is considered one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel universe. He is a god of great power, but also of great humility, loyalty, faith and trust. His talents are great in battle and he always fights with everything he has. Thor has had some truly epic moments throughout his Marvel career. Here we take a look back at some of Thor’s most memorable off-screen, and on paper, moments that you might have missed.

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The Triple Threat Match of DOOM!

The event is Fear Itself. A man calling himself the true all-father (just for the record, it’s really Odin), sends out hammers to create servants to obey his every command. These hammers took heroes and villains alike, turned them into slaves, then pitted them against their friends and family. The highlight of Fear Itself, for many, was a true clash of the titans.

Thor vs. The Thing vs. Hulk.

Oh yeah, it’s on.

The latter two were made evil by the hammers, and Thor was the only one could stop them from truly laying waste to New York. Thor’s unwillingness to give up was inspiring, he knew he couldn’t truly win, that didn’t stop him from trying though. The best moment was what happened at the end.

With odds stacked against him Thor has no choice but to “kill” The Thing, but that still left Hulk. The two squared off in a fierce battle, one that Hulk had the upper-hand in. Just when you think Thor’s about to yield he goes postal and slams Hulk so hard he gets launched into space.

Thor vs. Sentry

Siege was one of those events that really depended on moments to sell the concept. Siege marked the true reuniting of the Avengers, more specifically Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, who had gone separate ways due to previous arcs. In Siege the real concept was of Asgard vs. Norman Osborn’s army. Long story short, it didn’t go well. Then when things couldn’t get any worse, they did. The Sentry, the super-powered yet highly unstable “hero”, went crazy and started killing everything in sight. He did that previously before, but he was much more evil this time around.

So who do you call to take down a superpowered menace? Thor of course. The battle was fierce, The Sentry took every hit Thor threw at him, but after a combination effort he was defeated, but not dead. He pleaded with Thor to kill him, but Thor said no. He needed to pay for his crimes. However, the evil of The Sentry reared its ugly head once more and Thor had no choice but to grant his wish.

This was Thor epicness, first because it showed his willingness to not kill, to have justice over revenge. Second, because it proved that when the time called for it, he was not afraid to kill.

Thor “Yields” To The Builder

This one is very recent, but it just shows off how epic Thor is. The Avengers are losing a war against beings who refer to themselves as “The Builders”. They are tough, and not easily killed.  All seems lost, even Captain America admits it. So they decide to surrender, one of the Builders is on the Kree Homeworld and they figure that’s the best place to do it.

However, instead of Cap surrendering he sends Thor. At the request of the Kree, Thor sends Mjolnir away, he then kneels before the Builder to prove his surrender. The Builder mocks Thor as he attempts to bargain for the lives of his friends, and the Earth. The Builder is so brash and arrogant he actually slaps Thor across the face, but it’s Thor who gets the last laugh. For as they chat Mjolnir is circling a sun and slowly is coming back to them.

I don’t think he’s coming back from that one.

With Thor killing the Builder the Avengers, along with the rest of the universe, were inspired to rally together and defeat the Builders.


That’s all you really need to say. His name carries a lot of weight. Any who have read his comics, or have seen him on-screen, will know exactly who you speak of when you say his name. His mythology is grand, and his stories even grander. With his strong historical background, numerous appearances in media, and movies like Thor: The Dark World, it’s easy to say that Thor will be around for a long time.

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  • Kaue

    Lol they just forgot to say that in Fear Itself arc Thor was weakened by a wound that doesn’t heal and previously beaten by Odin’s (Skyfather) brother and also the hammers gave the wielders extra powers.
    So weakened Thor vs amped Hulk and amped thing, the result is: Thor remains alive while one of them is dead and the other at the other side of the planet.