It’s important to know what kind of game you’re going to get before you buy it, otherwise you might be surprised and feel unsure about what you’re playing. Poof vs. the Cursed Kitty, is a game that’s utterly simplistic, incredibly repetitive, and yet it never gets old.

Poof VS the Cursed Kitty is a game where platforming meets tower defense, all to save a kitty from certain death. Weird huh? That’s not even the half of it.

The game mocks the fact that in part it’s not really a game. As there is only one level and only one true goal: protect the kitty. If this was easy the game wouldn’t be worth your time. However, it isn’t easy, it’s incredibly hard, and you won’t want to put it down.

As Poof, the fearless dog knight, you will bound around a level, killing a surprising variety of villains to protect the kitty. Which for the record is not easy, because if just one enemy touches that cat, it’s game over. I’m not joking when I say that Poof only has one level, it does. In that level though you have three mini-goals to complete, if you do that you’ll “win” and get to unlock a feature. It can be a new weapon, or an increase in speed or reward.

This is where the beauty of Poof comes in. As you advance and complete more goals you’ll get more weapons, more enemies, and harder goals to complete.

Sometimes the goals will be simple, like “Kill 10 enemies” or “Do 15 Sky Attacks”, something you can most likely accomplish in one or two tries. Then there will be goals that will test your skills to the limit, like “Get 8000 points” or “Kill 15 Enemies By Electrocution”, these tasks aren’t easy to do and you’ll have to do this all while protecting that cursed kitty.


As mentioned, you will have help in protecting the kitty and completing your goals. Poof can build and use weapons he acquires through completing the mini-goals and collecting them in level via bubbles. He can throw knives, build Tesla towers and arrow throwing machines, he can freeze enemies, slow down or speed up time, and more. The more you complete, the more you can do. Even the kitty gets involved by laying golden eggs which will destroy all enemies in the area once you touch it.

Hey everyone...chill

Hey everyone…chill


Now one might think that even with all the weapons and the advancing enemies that Poof might grow old. Honestly, it doesn’t. Even though the level is the same every time it feels different in how it plays. The enemies that appear are random every single time. They never appear in the same spot, in the same number, twice in a row. You could be dealing with slimes and ogres one round, then flies and ghosts the next one. It’s different, even though it is the same gameplay and the same level.

Poof vs. the Cursed Kitty does reward you for playing every round win or lose. You will get what they call “Random Rewards” if you fill up a bar with XP. You might get a new look for Poof or the Kitty, you might get a new background, a new song that’ll play during the round; it really is random, but it does give you a sense of accomplishment, even when you fail.

In the end, Poof vs. the Cursed Kitty, is a simple yet engaging game that makes fun of the standard tropes of games and delivers a fun experience. If you like games of skill, or just want a game that you can use to kill time, then I highly recommend Poof.



+ Addicting gameplay

+ Simplistic yet challenging feel

+ Lot of variety in power-ups and enemies


– One hit kill for the cat can be annoying

– Some goals can be incredibly difficult to achieve

– One level

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  • Elder Celestia

    This game wasn’t my cup of tea, TBH, I found it a bit stupefying. I would recommend Rogue Legacy or Spelunky instead.

    • Todd Black

      Hey I admit this game wasn’t my cup of the either it first. But after playing it more and giving it a chance it grew on me.