It’s funny how things work. A premise that could be decent is mixed with an unexpected story twist on the other side, then coming together that makes for an ending that will make your jaw drop and make you feel bad for someone. Wow.

“Caged Tiger” was by far one of the simplest premises Teen Titans Go! has ever had. After coming back from an epic bros weekend out, or as they like to call it…

We three bros of Titan attire...

We three bros of Titan attire…


Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy revel in how epic they are and how they are all great bros. Yeah. Anyway the alarm goes off and the computer reveals that Dr. Light is back and terrorizing the city. Titans Go!…or that’s what I would say except for they split up in order to get their. Starfire and Raven fly to the fight while Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy take the elevator down.

Yep, you can see where this is going.

On the way down (why is there 81 floors in the tower? Wait, HOW is there 81 floors in the tower?) the elevator breaks down and they become stuck. Oh yeah.

Meanwhile Raven and Starfire arrive at Dr. Lights’ location and try to fight him, only to be stopped when he asks that they wait for the others to show up. They agree.

Back in the elevator, everything is smooth-like. Cyborg is trying to fix the elevator, Robin has his adrenaline pumping in preparations for the fight, and Beast Boy has to go to the bathroom. Things go wrong though when they can’t seem to get out and they go stir crazy. Robin literally thinks he’s a caged tiger and begins taking the others down. Their “broness” fades and it’s all out war in the elevator.

The girls however are having a wonderful time with Dr. Light. A simple Q&A turns into a basic life story of Dr. Light, and you know what? He’s a pretty nice guy. In fact he takes the girls out for dinner, he even buys them dessert!

Glad he's not "Light" on cash!...I'll show myself out...

Glad he’s not “Light” on cash!…I’ll show myself out…

In the elevator the war continues until finally the elevator gets fixed, and they all revert to their bro states. They apologize and forgive and forget and all that and it’s off to the fight. Yeah, about that.

Back at where they met Dr. Light has had such a great time with the girls he’s decided to give up his villainous ways and come join the Teen Titans. Raven and Starfire are thrilled, as was I, but of course you knew it couldn’t end that way.

The boys show up and in an epic display of force absolutely destroy Dr. Light. I couldn’t stop laughing as they pounded him into oblivion. Cyborg gets the MVP though for unleashing his seemingly infinite arsenal on Dr. Light.

The girls are stunned, and as the boys ride away in the “bro-train” they try and comfort the poor doctor.

This episode was great and had plenty of laughs, the best part though was Dr. Light. He got to be a pretty big joke in the original series, as he was viewed as a punching bag for the Titans. Here though he got his due and truly became a funny character. Nice job. So until next time…

Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go!: Caged Tiger Review
"Caged Tiger" was as simple premise that turned up some big laughs and delivered a fun story for an infamous villain.
  • Three Titans Get Stuck in an Elevator...
  • Dr Lights' "Origin" Story
  • A little silly about the things that happened in the elevator
4.0Overall Score
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