The Sun at Night, once known as Laika Believes, was renamed at the request of Laika LLC, the animation studio known for movies such as Coraline. Laika LLC thought the game’s title would cause confusion between the two brands.

In a recent blog post, The Sun at Night founder John Warren wrote, “Despite feeling like this confusion is minimal at most considering the historical nature of the name, we want to avoid an escalating legal situation,” Warren continued. “This ongoing conversation has been the reason for our radio silence about The Sun at Night. I’m happy to be ending that silence today. The Sun at Night is still very much Laika the space dog’s story.”

Also revealed was the release date of The Sun at Night. The game will launch on Windows PC on Feb. 4, 2014, with ports for Mac, Linux, and PSN/ PS Vita expected later on in the year.

The Sun at Night will be available on the Humble Store, GOG and Desura. Voting for the game on Steam’s Greenlight program is currently underway.

Source: [ Minicore Studios ]

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