I would say that Thor was my favorite movie of Phase One after The Avengers. Of the big four I felt I knew the least about him, and was very intrigued to find out about his universe. The original movie did not disappoint, and thankfully, neither does the sequel Thor: The Dark World.

The problem with sequels is often that the magic that made the original so special is lost in the transfer to the second one. This happened in Iron Man 2 in many peoples eyes.

We start out in what’s becoming a true Thor staple in regards to how we’re introduced to the antagonist of the movie. In Thor: The Dark World the Dark Elves, led by the evil Malekith, are the enemies which we are introduced to. Malekith’s only wish is to return the universe to the darkness that gave him and his people life, and he’s willing to destroy all who get in his way.

Thankfully the Asgardians, led by Thor’s grandfather Bor, are able to stop Malekith and capture his weapon of destruction called the Aether. The weapon is too powerful to be destroyed though, and is sealed away. Little does Bor know that Malekith and a fraction of his army escape.

Malekith the Accursed

Malekith the Accursed


Back in the modern-day we find that not all is well in the Nine Realms due to the events of the original movie. This for me was a critical part of the movie’s success. They didn’t gloss over what happened in the original movie, but instead they embraced it and made it their own. The opening battle shows us just how grand Thor: The Dark World is.

The two other fallout’s from the original movie are about Thor and Loki themselves. Thor is very much the humbled warrior we saw transformed before our very eyes and clearly still in love with Jane Foster, and Loki is still unrepentant about what he did in Thor and in The Avengers.

Not all is well on our little world either. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) is struggling to get over her feelings for Thor. But leave it to her spunky sidekick Darcy to get her back on track. Weird things are happening as there are mysterious portals popping up all over our world. Upon investigating one Jane finds herself in an old chamber, where the Aether has been locked up for century’s. She touches it and gets infected by it, and all heck breaks loose.

Enter Thor, a true knight in semi-shining armor, who comes to rescue her. But unbeknownst to them Malekith is awakened.

This is where the movie kicks into high gear, from an all-out attack on Asgard, to an epic prison break, to multiple fight scenes spanning from dark worlds to London and everything in between.

That's right...it's hammer time!

That’s right…it’s hammer time!


The scale and scope Thor: The Dark World is what impresses me so much. Some might find it annoying that we travel to so many worlds in this movie, Ihowever, we only got to see three worlds last time, and barely got to touch upon two of them. In Thor: The Dark World we got to expand upon what makes Asgard so great, and we get to see their culture in full bloom. From their rituals of celebration, to their funerals, it was all very well done.

The director literally thrusts us into the action with his close up camera shots that’ll make you feel every blow. I wasn’t sure if the Dark Elves would be a legit threat against Thor and his Asgardian brethren… I was quicklry proven wrong. In fact I feel they have a weapon that will make anyone who watches the movie cringe in pain as they watch it go off.

Add to that Malekith and Algrim and you got a fully stacked roster of bad guys ready to give Thor a run for his money. The final battle was something I can say I had never seen before. The fight is literally all over the place and I loved it. You’ll be in awe, and you’ll laugh while you do it. It’s intense and epic.

Speaking of laughter, that may be the biggest surprise in Thor: The Dark World, it’s incredibly funny. From the obvious zingers, to the unexpected laughs you’ll have (Mjolnir, that’s all I’ll say) it’s a blast from start to finish. Does some of it fall flat? Sure. But it’s the natural part of comedy.

Who do you think taught Thor how to fight?

Who do you think taught Thor how to fight?


A big nod I want to give this movie is to the actors and actresses, many of whom had standout performances. Let me get this out-of-the-way, Loki is funny, but he’s not the point of the movie. He’s a welcome addition in many aspects, but to want more of him (as I’ve heard many people say) can be a detriment. Enjoy what we have, don’t overreach.

The real stars of the show aside from Chris Hemsworth is Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo who play Odin and Frigga respectably. They only had small roles in the first film, but both get expanded upon and have some very touching moments together. Russo also gets to let loose her warrior side in an epic fight with Malekith. Hopkins again kills it as Odin who is equal parts proud, but somewhat blinded in his rage. The dynamic between him and Thor is great and lasts throughout the movie.




The only real downer for me was the character of Erik Selvig. He was in Thor and The Avengers and was great, but then was turned into a lunatic in this film for no reason other than comedic relief, which we had plenty of. It was sad to see him revert to that.

In the end, Thor: The Dark World is an amazing sequel, with great action, great acting, and an ending that will make your jaw drop. Oh and don’t get me started on that after credits sequence! Wow! If you’re a Marvel fan, a Thor fan, or just looking for a great movie to watch, then go see Thor: The Dark World, it’ll really strike you.


+ Epic Action and Adventure

+ Great comedy

+ Truly expands the world and universe of Thor and Marvel


– Erik Selvig didn’t need to be like that.

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  • CrisJ

    Erik Selvig shouldn’t act the way he did? Are you kidding me? He went through some rough stuff during the Avengers movie. Im pretty sure he has ptsd and some other stuff. so acting the way he did made perfect sense. Also, the movie had SOME funny scenes, your review made it seem like it was one of the greatest comedies out there.

    • Todd Black

      Yeah, he went through some rough stuff, and him being on meds is believable. But streaking around naked, not wearing pants “because it helps him think” that’s just ridiculous. He was the rational one in the original movie, this was a total 180.

      And honestly, Thor: The Dark World is one of the greatest comedies out there right now. Because a lot of the other “comedies” are trash. These were natural, funny, hysterical moments. The theatre was alight with laughter many times during the movie. Not some, many.