Today, numerous developers for Capcom came out to talk about what games we could expect in 2014. Some of the reveals might surprise you.

In the realm of fighting titles, Capcom wants to prove it’s still king. A fighting game is already¬†in production, by the name of Super Street Fighter IV Ultra, but curiously, they didn’t state that title the entire time. Is another fighting game on the way?

Fans of the Phoenix Wright series have reason to celebrate. As a new title is set to be announced in 2014. This is no surprise after the critical and commercial success of Dual Destinies, which proved the series is still going strong. However, the team behind Dual Destinies is said to be working on a new title altogether. Could there be two Phoenix Wright games on the horizon?

The big news no doubt came via slip-up. During a panel Kenji Kataoka said that a “classic” from the library of Capcom would be out by the end of next year. Many fans are already wondering if a certain “blue bomber” may be making a return in 2014. After all, he’s in the next Super Smash Bros. Why not give him a full title?

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