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Puzzle games come in many shapes sizes and forms. In Gravity Badgers we find a physics-based puzzle game set in space, and take control of badgers that fly around and defy gravity. Gravity Badgers truly is a game that revels in its simplicity.

You start Gravity Badgers by doing a nine-part tutorial where you learn (from your grandfather) how the game works and what to expect going forward. Praise isn’t usually given to tutorials, but I’d like to applaud the team at Wales Interactive for making a tutorial that was simple, to the point, and hilarious.

Publisher: Wales Interactive
Developer: Wales Interactive
Platforms: PC
Genre: Indie, Physics-Based Puzzle Game
Release Date: November 2013

After completing the tutorial you head off and begin your quest to save the universe and your team from the Evil Honey Badgers. The “story” is played out through hand-drawn set pieces that are shown at the beginning of each level. It’s not much to go on, and sometimes I had a hard time understanding what I was looking at.

Thankfully the gameplay worked well most of the time. You progress through this game by completing a plethora of levels that will test your skills of precision and critical thinking to the max.

An example of the story pictures

Your mission is to get to the wormhole positioned somewhere in the level. Easy right? Well, Gravity Badgers adds some simple twists that don’t make it that easy. There are obstacles in your way most of the time and you’ll have to either avoid them, or use them to your advantage to get to the wormhole.

The controls, much like the game itself, is simple. Using the mouse you’ll click on your Badger, and give them some momentum as you launch them into space. What happens next is based on how precise you are. If you aimed true and gave the correct speed your Badger will make it to the end. If not, they go splat. You have three lives to try to finish the level before having to start over.

The other gameplay aspects is the acquisition of energy cores. There are three scattered throughout each level, if you’re good you’ll get them all with the correct run. Thankfully, these don’t decide if you make it to the next level, but what they do allow is achievements. The more cores you collect the higher ranking achievement you’ll receive. This small addition does give more incentive to complete the levels as best you can so you can get the greatest honor of Badger and Commander.


I said earlier that the game has a bunch of content, and that’s true. Each stage is composed of 25 levels, each one different and full of obstacles that will test your thinking power. The last level in each stage is a boss fight, and at the end you’ll rescue a teammate, who you can then choose to play as going forward. The boss fights are different from the other levels as it’s not so much a test of precision as it staying the heck away from enemy fire. I don’t mind shake ups in gameplay as long as they make sense, the boss fights didn’t really feel in line with what Gravity Badgers had already itself.

There are a few other problems with Gravity Badgers. While there are many levels, some of them go from being super easy one-click wins, to being extremely hard and requiring extreme precision. This will be a turnoff to some players. Being a difficult game is not a crime, but some people will be frustrated with having to find the precise to-the-centimeter path they have to take. A plus though is that every time you die you see the path you took before, which can help guide you to victory.

The other problem is that sometimes the physics don’t add up. You’ll go past a planet sometimes and immediately get pulled in, but then with a very slight tweak you’ll make it. Sometimes it also seemed like I wasn’t hitting anything and yet I died.

Outside of an epic rock anthem for the beginning the music is rather forgettable and it repeats a lot. As I mentioned earlier the story could’ve been fleshed out a bit. The visual design of the game is also a toss-up. The characters are simply drawn and they have no animations, the levels look better but I wish there were was more.

Gravity Badgers does offer fun, enjoyable, fast-paced, puzzles for you to solve. After some extremely hard puzzles I found myself rejoicing that I beat them. If you like a challenge and want to have some fun with badgers in space, then I suggest Gravity Badgers.

Gravity Badgers Review
Gravity Badgers tests you with interesting physics-based puzzle and a plethora of levels to keep you going for a while.
  • Lots of Levels
  • Simple Yet Elegant Gameplay
  • Epic Rock Anthem
  • Some Levels Will Try To Test The Patience of Some Gamers
  • Simplicity of Design Doesn't Always Work
3.5Overall Score
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