Wonder Woman. Hands-down one of the most important heroes in all of comics. One that has existed proudly for over 70 years, and yet, a character that finds herself in a very peculiar position in the mainstream media.

On one hand, you have the comic book fans. Who at this point in time are enjoying arguably the greatest Wonder Woman stories ever written. Love or hate DC’s revamp of their entire universe with The New 52, you’d be hard pressed to deny that one of the greatest things to come out of the reboot is the current Wonder Woman comic. Reviews praise this book and Wonder Woman is applauded for her redesigned origin as well as the great stories that flow from it. Some readers may even say that her singular book outshines the numerous titles that her Trinity partners have.

However, for non-comic readers, the only exposure Wonder Woman has in the media is in cartoons. To that effect, she has only done cameos since the ending of the Justice League cartoon all those years ago. So to many, Wonder Woman, is a mystery. The sole exception, is the older generation who watched the Lynda Carter who was at the helm of the Wonder Woman TV series. A series that is talked about today.

With the news that Wonder Woman will be in, though to what capacity we are not sure, in Batman vs. Superman (and the inevitable Justice League movie) there is a question that must be asked: “How should Wonder Woman be portrayed?”

1. She’s An Amazon, Show That She Is

For those who don’t know, Wonder Woman will be played by model/actress Gal Gadot. An immediate concern that was raised by her casting was that Gal herself, is rather slender, not lean or bulky as Wonder Woman has been portrayed in many medium. Many fans fear that they’re going for looks, instead of power and skill. Thankfully, this has been remedied.

In an interview, Gal Gadot has said that she is undergoing very physical training, and learning numerous versions of martial arts. She even told the host that by the end of this, she will “gain body mass”.

So the look has been taken care of. Though that is only half the battle. Wonder Woman is a proud warrior, and one that can go toe-to-toe with just about anyone in the DCU. This even includes Superman, who she’s fought on numerous occasions.

Regardless of which movie she truly is a part of, her Amazonian heritage needs to be shown. Her intensity, her pride, her loyalty to her fellow Amazonian sisters, and the Gods they serve, all must be on display. Also though, she needs to kick butt. Hopefully not just with her hands. Wonder Woman has shown that she is great with several weapons, most famously her Lasso of Truth. Yet she has been shown wielding swords, shields, spears, and other weapons.

Wonder Woman is a one-woman wrecking crew. She is not frail, she is powerful and mighty. Do not make her a damsel in distress.

Does She Look Helpless? I Didn't Think So.

 2. She’s Independent, Not Co-Dependent

Co-Dependency is a condition in which a person is so attached to another, that if that someone dies, or goes away, their reason for living is diminished. In short, they can’t live without another person with them, or emotionally close to them. That is not Wonder Woman.

In fact Wonder Woman is one of the most independent women in history. She exudes strength, not just physically, but emotionally as well.  She’ll follow orders, and commands, if she feels they are right. She is not afraid to say “no” when it counts the most. Many origin stories show her defying her mothers wishes in order to get her legendary armor because she feels she needs to.

3. Intense, but Compassionate

Many versions of Wonder Woman have depicted her as a proud and powerful warrior. Although, some of her better stories shows that she is nothing, if not a loving and compassionate person.

Look no further than her on-again/off-again relationship with Steve Trevor, the first “man” she ever saw. She nursed him back to health after he crashed on the island of Themyscira. Eventually, Trevor took her back to our world where their relationship grew. Another version, this one courtesy of the Justice League cartoon, showed her leaving on her own against her mothers wishes because she believed in her heart that the world of man needed to be saved.

In the comic book arc Blackest Night, there is a scene where Wonder Woman temporarily becomes a Star Sapphire, or a Lantern of Love. When the writer Geoff Johns was asked about why she became that, Johns noted how there is no person in the world who loves the Earth more than Wonder Woman.

So though she should be tough, she should also be caring.


4. Make Her Memorable

Man of Steel, love it or hate it, brought Superman back into the mainstream light. Batman Begins, wiped off the stain that many fans felt was there after the horrible Batman & Robin. No matter what role she plays in those two movies, the writers and director should almost strive to make her the best character in the film.

If people walk out of the theatres and say that Wonder Woman was amazing, epic, on par or better than Superman and Batman, than I’d say they succeeded in bringing her back to the mainstream.

What good does that do? Well, many believe that these two movies will lead to a Wonder Woman solo movie. A movie that she totally deserves. However, that will not happen if people aren’t mesmerized by her character. True, some of this will be on Gal Gadot, who will be under a lot of pressure to make this role epic, but if the writing doesn’t play to Wonder Woman’s strengths, and doesn’t show off the character, what can she do?


In the end, it all comes down to character. Again, we don’t know how big a role Wonder Woman will play in Batman vs. Superman, or even Justice League, but whichever role is the bigger one, the one that truly allows us to see who Wonder Woman truly is, this is what I believe should happen.

70 years of history proves that Wonder Woman is an epic character. She’s one of the best characters in comics, period. Not just a great female, or a great heroine, but a great comic book character. It’s sad that some people don’t truly know who she is. This may be her greatest chance to come to the world at large in the best light possible. As long as they stay true to who she is, I have no doubts she will be around for a long time.

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  • MonsterG

    Well said, all of it. I love Wonder Woman. And I would love nothing more than to see her character come in strong, independent and all out amazon butt kicker. I would be so disappointed if it was the exact opposite in the movies, I have seen strong female characters become damsels in distress when they really should not have been in the first place.

    If that happens to WW, I am so out of there. You are right though, the writers and Gal need to come with it because first impressions are everything, especially when you have big poster characters like WW. Thanks for the awesome read!

    • Todd Black

      you’re most welcome! I too am a huge WW fan, and nothing would make me happier than for people to say that she was the star of the movie bar none. This would obviously lead to her solo films being highly anticipated. Which is something we all should want!
      Spread this feature around if you can. We Wonder Woman fans have to stick together and make our voices heard!

  • Aisha Willis

    I came across this article searching for a “royal”-looking image of Wonder Woman and this is a great piece. Thank you for taking the time to write this! Hopefully the eventual Justice League movie will show her as she should be (one of the top 3) and the solo movie will be as epic as it should be. I just can’t deal if they try to make it some romantic-type of thing. If it’s a sub-plot fine but it cannot be the bulk of the story. Again thank you. I’ll be back to check out more articles.

    • Todd Black

      No problem, glad you liked it.. Recent events actually want me to add to this article. I don’t want her to be the thing that makes the other JL members turn into children. Apparently this is a big problem with the newest animated feature Justice League: War. I hear that GL, Flash, and SHAZAM! all fight for her attention, and it gets pretty bad. I definitely do NOT want that to happen.
      Anyway, thanks for reading. Please spread it around if you can, and I do hope that you come back and check out more on the site!

  • rosiehantos

    It is thoughtful and well written and inspiring …Where do you get the pics???

    • Todd Black

      Thanks! Wonder Woman is a very important character to me and I really want her to be portrayed correctly and not shown as something she’s not.

      People deserve to know just how epic Wonder Woman is!

  • TY

    Beautifully thought out article.

    • Todd Black

      Why thank you! That’s very kind to say. If you would, please spread the word about it! I would love to get into a discussion about this topic.