The anticipated Indie Game Nuclear Throne is coming to next-gen consoles soon, but the team at Vlambeer has revealed it’s coming to PS4 before it comes to Xbox One.

As for why, it’s actually quite simple. As part of being in the ID@XBOX initiative, which they had signed up for, had a clause that stated that when the game was released it was to be same-day for all platforms. Meaning if it was to launch on both PS4 and Xbox One it would have to be released on the same day.

“There had been mentions beforehand that there was a launch parity clause in the contract, with the exception of games that were already signed to another platform during the announcement of their self-publishing program,” Rami Ismail of Vlambeer said. “Thus, before we signed with Microsoft, we e-mailed Sony that we quickly wanted to sign Nuclear Throne with them with a month of exclusivity.”

The team at Vlambeer simply wanted to focus on releasing it to one platform at a time, thus why they did what they did. They also encourage others to do likewise.

“We’d rather Microsoft allow us not only the freedom to self-publish, but also to publish in whatever order we prefer, we’ll keep pushing for Microsoft to drop the clause, and we’d recommend any other developer to do the same.”

Source: Joystiq

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