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Nidhogg is a game that has been in development, in what seems to have been forever. Developed by the folks at Messhoff, Nidhogg first made an appearance back in 2010, and has been turning heads ever since. Today we finally get our hands on this multiplayer focused indie game that makes fencing a bit more compelling than what it normally is.

Publisher:  Messhoff
Developer:  Messhoff
Platforms:  Windows PC
Genre:  Indie, Sports
Release Date:  January 13, 2014

Playing Nidhogg is quite engrossing as a result of its fast pace, and environments in which your battles take place. The main objective is pretty simple, best your opponent and reach the end of the map in which your character was spawned facing, once you reach your end of the map you are victorious and right before you can celebrate you’re devoured by the mythical Norse dragon, Níðhöggr or Nidhogg.

Although the main objective is simple, playing the game and trying to out fence your detractor is wholly different. Simply running up and trying to shank the other guy wont do you any good every time. You’ll have to create different strategies on how you approach each combatant, this is especially true when playing online or coming face to face with some of the later characters in single player. Aside from being able to raise and lower your Epee, you can also throw it, dive kick, roll and sweep your enemy. Or simply beat them to death with your fists. How you approach each opponent is up to you.

nidhogg screen2

Some people, like myself, may try and cheat the system by simply avoiding the opponent entirely, like jumping over them and running to the end of the stage and thus making for a quick victory. This may work with the easier characters you fight, but later characters seemed to know what my deal was and kept me from preforming my trick. This however, seems to annihilate any sense of pleasantry the game provides – and forces you to actually try to best your enemy.

Some of the stages you come across will also offer obstacles of their own too. From tall wheat fields, to floors that disappear, and even tight corridors, the stages in Nidhogg provide their own detractors that you may also want to consider when planing your approach to the match.

nidhogg screen1

The game offers up various modes for you to enjoy. You have your choice of playing the game on your own in an arcade style mode, to playing locally with someone else, or if you’re afraid of human interaction you can take your skills online. There is also a tournament mode you can try out if you have had enough practice in the arcade mode. This game is far more pleasurable, and satisfying, if you play it online or locally with some one else.

Nidhogg is one of those games that had you wondering if it would have ever launch, because of its long in development state. But one has to understand that the game was developed by only two people, Mark and Kristy, both with day jobs. Working on the game without a source of income would probably have not worked out so well.

Nidhogg is a game of “land” tug-0f-war in its simplest form. It’s also fun, fast paced and worth a look, whether you like indie games or not.

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Nidhogg Review
"Nidhogg" lacks variety in its stages, but that doesn't take away from the frantic, fast paced multiplayer action you'll get from it.
  • A frantic and challenging fun time
  • Offline tournament mode
  • Great multiplayer action
  • Only four stages
4.0Overall Score
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