The thing that fascinated me about Rain World, a game by Swedish developer Joar Jakobsson, wasn’t the unique 16-bit style that is infused with a gentle color palette, or the awesome Chiptune audio skills of Joar’s partner James Primate, but instead it was the protagonist of the game. The slugcat!

Like most people out there the first thing that crossed my mind was: what the heck is a slugcat, and how did such a creature and name come to be? During our Indie Stash interview with the developers Joar shined light on the origins of the slugcat’s name.

The term “slugcat” actually came via a fan who jokingly made a comment of the character via a YouTube comment.

“For some reason we really liked it…because it was disgusting and cute and the same time…it really captured the character of the creature,” said Joar during the interview.

James recalls a comment Joar made when he first saw the fan’s response, “it might be the first time that a YouTube comment positively contributed to anything.”

This goes to show that sometimes fans contribute to a game even if it’s unintentional. Check out our episode of the Indie Stash Cast for more details on the game and the slugcat.

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