Super Smash Bros. has a way of resonating with fans. Mainly because it is a game for fans. From playing as their favorite characters, battling in their favorite locations, and using items in ways they weren’t exactly intended for, it just works. What Smash Bros also does is build an incredible amount of hype for itself, especially when it comes to the fighting roster. The slow trickle of reveals allows us fans to speculate and dream on which characters we would like to see in the game.

In honor of this, I took to MiiVerse (ID: BlackMagicWolf), and asked fans for the top 5 characters they want to see in the game. I tallied up the list, and am here to present the most wanted characters in the next Super Smash Bros. and explain why they could happen.

Little Mac

Little Mac

Hands down, the biggest request for a playable character by a large margin. Looking at it, it’s not hard to see why.

History: While Punch-Out may not be the biggest, or most lucrative franchise in Nintendo history, its games are still iconic.  What other game had a little guy going up against Mike Tyson? None, that’s who! To add to the fun, Little Mac had a game on the Wii, and he was in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an assist trophy.

Why He Could Work: Nostalgia may be playing a big role here, but functionality is probably another. From simple jabs, and uppercuts, to combos and charge punches. It’s not hard to see Little Mac getting into the Super Smash Bros. ring and delivering some knockouts. His Final Smash could be his Star Punch. Winner: Little Mac!


King K. Rool

King K. Rool

From the era of SNES and N64 Donkey Kong games comes King K. Rool. A fan requested character for a very long time.

History: King K. Rool was the main bad guy in the Donkey Kong Country games and Donkey Kong 64. His hatred of the Kongs is legendary, which is no doubt why he kept coming back for more. While he hasn’t necessarily been seen recently, he’s still known by many, and was a sticker in Brawl.

Why He Could Work: Melee gave the villains their time to shine by adding Ganon and Bowser, Brawl added King Dedede and Wario, so why shouldn’t another bad guy enter the fray? His size and strength could rival Bowser, but it could also make him slow. His various game appearances have allotted him a plethora of abilities to choose from. From gadgets, to shock waves, to cannonballs. They’re all there, if Nintendo chooses to put him in.



This is a very curious addition when you think about it. Yet the Goddess of Light of Kid Icarus was one fans are begging to be put in the game.

History: Palutena has been in every Kid Icarus game, but only in Uprising did she really get her time to shine. She is the ruler of Skyworld, and protector of the human race. This singular game must have had a lot of impact on fans to want her in the game so much. She was actually part of Pit’s Final Smash in Brawl, as she summoned the Centurions to help Pit in battle.

Why She Could Work: As a Goddess of Light, Palutena is powerful. This was shown in Uprising when you were forced to fight her, she showed a variety of attacks that could be used in the game. From light energy attacks, using her staff, to summoning the Centurions to help her; the possibilities are endless for this Goddess. And there are those photos of appearing to be in the game….




If you don’t know Ridley, then you aren’t a Metroid fan. Ridley is the arch nemesis of Samus, and is literally the monster that WILL NOT DIE!!!!

History: Ridley is a high-ranking member of the Space Pirates and though he may appear to be a dragon-like creature with a bloodthirsty attitude, Ridley is highly intelligent and a fierce opponent on the battlefield. This has led to numerous matchups against Samus in almost every Metroid game out there. Fans have been wanting Ridley for a while.

Why He Could Work: Ok, I know the first problem you’re thinking of: “HE’S HUGE!!!!”. Yes, yes he is, but if you think about it, so was Bowser but they scaled him down. True, some massive adjusting would be needed to make him work, but if they did, it would be awesome. Much like Bowser, Ridley would rely on his primal attacks and instincts for battle. Also, because he has wings Ridley will be able to hover and fly, which could be a huge advantage to the character.




This one will be interesting to see. Fire Emblem has been in Smash Bros. since Melee, where Marth and Roy (who was also a fan-desire) were brought in. Brawl brought in Ike. Since then, we’ve had Fire Emblem: Awakening, which introduced Chrom, the next character on our list.

History: Chrom is a descendant of Marth, and leader of the Shepherds. A kind-hearted prince soon made king, he wished for nothing more than to free his lands and bring peace to all. Don’t let that fool you though, Chrom is a warrior on the battlefield, and like Marth, wields Falchion.

Why He Could Work: It’s really not that hard to sell a swordsman in Smash Bros. – we’ve had so many in the past. The question will be how different he’ll be from Marth, who has been confirmed to be in the game. They both wield the same weapon, yet in Awakening Chrom could use Aether, a move patented by Ike. In Brawl, Marth was finesse, where Ike was power, Chrom could be the bridge between the two and thus create a unique character.

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Todd is a born and raised Nintendo fanboy. But his desire to play more games led him to PC and indie gaming. He'll still chat the moon about the Big N, but he might surprise you about what else he knows in the world of gaming.

  • Nick

    Everyone! If you want King K Rool as much as I do you will submit a ballot to the brand new smash 4 character ballot! Follow this link: and submit King K Rool as a new fighter. Nintendo is open to new suggestions to character so if you love K rool submit a ballot for him!

  • Henry Kayutkin

    I would like to see Sylux from Prime: Hunters!

  • Stephen

    Krystal, Bayonetta, Dixie, and Ridley are the ones I want the most from this list.

    Bayonetta just makes perfect sense. IMO it’d almost be a crime to keep her out of the game.

    Drop Wolf or Falco and put in Krystal. Give her a new moveset with the staff. Makes perfect sense.
    Dixie… Idk, I just want to play as her.
    Ridley is just too badass to be kept out of yet another Smash game. I mean, come on! Only one (two counting ZSS) Metroid character in the game? We need Ridley!

    • Todd Black

      I know right? Metroid just doesn’t get love from the roster standpoint. Yes, Ridley and Meta Ridley were bosses, and a Metroid was an assist trophy, but we can do better! Like I said in the description, the only problem would be scale. But that’s what testing is for!

  • Juhis815

    Quite nice to see that King K. Rool is in the second place, because I would probably choose him anytime if there’s a chance.

    • Todd Black

      Yeah King K. Rool had a lot of votes from the fans on Miiverse. I’m not sure he’ll get in, but a lot of people will be happy if he does.