Team Karmaflow has released a couple of teaser sound clips showcasing some of the music that will be in their Rock-Opera video game, Karmaflow.

The following tracks feature the Dragonforce vocalist, Marc Husdon, as The Conductor and Lisette van den Berg as The Muse. You can give the demos a listen below:

Ivo van Dijk, the creative director and lead composer for Team Karmaflow, said that Lisette is temporarily lending her voice to the parts that Alissa White-Gluz, the lead vocalist for The Agonist, will eventually do for the game. Dijk also confirmed that Lisette will voice one of the characters in the game.

Karmaflow is set to be the world’s first ever Rock-Opera video game with over 15 confirmed musicians from recognizable metal bands spanning across all genres of the metal scene ranging from Amaranthe to Dragonforce. Even black metal icon Dani Filth has signed on to be a part of this project, with more announcements yet to come.

If Karmaflow has caught your attention, check out our Indie Stash Cast with Dijk where he talks about what he hopes to accomplish with Karmaflow and what it’s like working with so many talented musicians on one project.

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  • Todd Black

    I cannot WAIT for this game! That was a fun interview we did with Ivo. Best of luck Karmaflow crew!