Unless you’ve been living under a rock that was secluded from all of society and had sound canceling magical cement poured over it, you at one point or another have heard of Titanfall, from Respawn Entertainment.

The highly anticipated game from Vince Zampella, formally of Infinity Ward, has players taking control of massive Mechs, AKA Titans, and their pilots. This fast paced first-person shooter takes all that has made popular games such as the Call of Duty franchise, and adds to it a pinch of Mech action to it.

Respawn Entertainment recently held a closed beta – now available to everyone who has an Xbox One or PC – of the game and I recently got to see what the hype was all about. Granted this is a beta, although it fells more like a demo of the game; because there are many features, Titan classes, weapons, and modes still missing from the game. Your’re pretty much getting a very small taste of what is yet to come. Hopefully the “yet to come” offers a lot more than just additional mechanized Call of Duty gameplay that I’ve taken away from this game so far.


Titanfall does offer a slew of new features that make it different from Call of Duty, but at the end of the day it’s just another first-person shooter. When your outside of the Titan your ability to run on walls and double jump give you a unique experience from a generic first-person shooter, but it’s a gimmick we’ve seen before in other games. Aside from the double jump, the wall running never comes in handy. When you’re in the Titan the movement is much slower, but the game does make you feel as if you ARE in a mech. The sense of being more powerful than just playing as a pilot is definitely felt, although your movement is limited to partially sprinting and dodging from side to side, or forward and backward. But the thing to remember is, this is just a beta version of the game and this is just one Titan of many. The transitioning from pilot to Titan and vise-versa are seamless and are a treat to look at.

Game modes included in the beta range from your normal death match (Attrition) to HardPoint and Last Titan Standing. Last Titan Standing is pretty self-explanatory, HardPoint on the other hand is more of a king of the hill style mode where players try to capture points labled A, B, and C. There is also a mode titled “Beta Variety Pack” were it pretty much just rotates you around the different modes.


There are also pilot and titan loadouts that you can equip to your liking. Titan loadouts range from Assault, Tank, and Artillery, each offers you a different set of weapons, tactical ability, ordnance, and kits. Much like other FPS games; the Titan, and pilot, loadouts are the same general classes we are used to. Reaching a certain level will unlock custom loadouts so that you can customize your pilot and titan to your playstyle.

The game also has these “Burn Cards” that players can use as, I guess boosts or perks, that give them anything from amped weapons, faster agility for your pilot, and faster build times, to name a few.

Overall the game is fun and fills a space desperately needed by the Xbox One. It’s understandable that this is just a small preview of the game that is yet to come since the beta is missing many other features that the developers have promised.

These are my first impressions of the beta, and from what I’ve played thus far it feels just like another COD game but with the addition of a kick-ass Mech that you can smoothly transition into after a small periods of time in the game. I’ll wait and see when the full game comes out on March 11 to give a full review, but as of right now it just feels to repetitive and doesn’t feel like something new.

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