The fashionable 2D puzzle platformer, from developer Magical Time Bean, Escape Goat 2 did something that not many games have done lately; and that’s keeping me interested. With its new refurbished graphics and simple objective, Escape Goat 2 has become one of my favorite games this year.

Publisher:  Double Fine
Developer:  Magical Time Bean
Platforms:  Windows PC, Mac, Linux
Genre:  Indie, Puzzle, Platformer
Release Date:  March 24, 2014

You play as an elegant purple goat set out to save the souls of several sheep. Like its predecessor, the player is tasked with an elementary goal of escaping a room, moving on to the next room, and eventually finding the sheep to free its soul. Each room you encounter will offer several different puzzles for you to tackle before you can advance to the next room. The puzzles put before you include; flipping switches — for moving platforms and other objects , strategically making the enemies attack you so that their attacks can break down barriers, and using a magical  rodent friend to help you get to switches in tight spots.

escape goat 2 1

The aforementioned “magical rodent” friend is one of few abilities your goat has that can help you in your journey through this mystical tower you are exploring. You’re also able to switch places with your rodent, for example, I can command him to go through a tight spot, that gets him to the other side of the stage, then I can quickly switch places with him to continue on with the puzzle solving. The rat can also be turned into a block for further assistance. Other abilities include being able to ram objects out-of-the-way, or into strategic locations to aid in the solving of the puzzle. The players quick thinking and understanding of the characters abilities need to be in sync if they’re to be successful in some of the stages in Escape Goat 2. Some of the stages have obstacles that can be somewhat insidious and with one miss calculation your headed right back to the start. Even with its, sometimes deceitful, level design the game is simply fun to play. The puzzles never get overly frustrating, and because of its game mechanics, it doesn’t have to hold your hand and explain it self for a quarter of the play through.

escape goat 2 2

Occasionally you’ll find yourself stuck in a certain stage and wont know what to do. But that’s okay, trial and error in this game isn’t something that will make you lose interest in the puzzle, or in the game for that matter. Approaching the stage with different strategies and using your various abilities several times and in different ways, gives you that feeling that old games use to give you, but without the frustration.

Escape Goat 2 kept everything that made the previous game so fun and addicting to play, while also updating its aesthetics. It’s an enjoyable game with a simple story and is well thought out level design that will keep you playing again and again.

Escape Goat 2 Review
With its updated graphics and simple gameplay mechanics, 'Escape Goat 2' is a game that must be looked at by any puzzle platforming fan.
  • Upgraded look.
  • Simple controls.
  • Ability to keep my ADHD in check.
  • Not enough abilities.
4.0Overall Score
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