Road Not Taken is an upcoming PC and PS4/PS Vita Indie title from developers Spry Fox who describe the game as “a puzzle game about life and loss” which is a rather melancholy theme when compared to the games adorable 2D characters and art style.

In Road Not Taken you play as a ranger in a gloomy enchanted forest who is trying to save lost children. From the get go you have some simple abilities such as lifting, carrying and throwing adjacent objects which costs your stamina, you then maneuver these objects to solve the puzzle to reunite a lost child with their mother whilst avoiding hazards like bears.


There are two forms of puzzles in Road Not Taken, one form being completely procedurally generated to create infinite replay value, the second are hand-crafted puzzles that serve as memorable milestones to, as quoted by developer Spry Fox, “punctuate the gameplay experience”. This is a very interesting approach to puzzle development which allows for both memorable puzzles like the incredibly well designed Portal test chambers and well varied challenging puzzles to keep the gameplay fresh and enjoyable.


Road Not Taken puts you in the role of a person whose life has deviated from the standard life plan. You live alone outside a village and every season a storm hits and the village needs your help. Much like life, there are both tragedies and delight, unexpected turns and decisions.

Daniel, on of the developers Spry Fox, wrote a fantastic blog entry where he talks about the “ideal life” and the “golden path” we are expected to follow as we grow up. However, life doesn’t always work out the “ideal” way, deviating many of us from our expected life course. These are the recurring themes of the Road Not Taken and you can read his full blog where he shares some of his life’s story and how it relates to the game here.

This game looks like it will be an emotional journey through life and the tough decisions we are forced to make that ultimately leave many roads untaken.

To follow the development of Road Not Taken you can visit the developer blog here.

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