Elysian Shadows, the indie RPG being developed by Falco Girgis and his team for the Sega Dreamcast, has been causing quite the stir in the indie game scene. With the developers promising to bring the next generation of gaming on the Sega Dreamcast and Ouya platforms, paired with what looks to be a promising story with solid RPG mechanics, a steady following of the game has already started gathering and are anxiously awaiting for the game’s Kickstarter to launch at the beginning of August. With the developers already feeling the pressure from fans, it’s only natural they be prepared with some crazy stretch goals for their Kickstarter campaign.

Girgis shared the Elysian Shadows stretch goals with me, and as you can expect from a developer making a “next generation” game on the Dreamcast, they have some far-reaching ambitions for the game. The goals range from the crazy, like creating a companion app where you can capture the creatures of Elysian Shadows and summon them into the main game, the to the standard, like adding a New Game+ mode; all of them are awesome and show just how dedicated the Elysian Shadows team is to making this game great.

The list of goals are not in any order and do not have a value affiliated with them yet.

  • Bloom Lighting/HDR (extreme HD/next-gen upgrades to engine)
  • PS4/Xbox/Wii U
  • 3DS/iOS/Droid/Vita
  • Multi Language Pack
  • Cloud-Hosted Saves (Save files can be stored on the network, allowing users to easily continue their quests on any platform they choose and experience all platform-specific quests with the same file)
  • New Game+
  • Adventures in Game Development Regularly Released on a Weekly Basis
  • Boss Attack
  • Challenge Mode
  • User-Based Content (releasing Toolkit and scripting API to a modding community)
  • DLC Support (built into the game and engine, for an ongoing storyline)
  • Publish User-Based Content to Cloud Storage (upload and share your level design creations)
  • Developer Confessions (we will write a book about all the behind-the-scenes stuff that wasn’t caught on camera–the dark side of indie game dev)
  • Throw Epic Launch Party (tickets will be available for purchase immediately as KS add-ons)
  • VMU/Mobile Monster Trainer App and Class (build a Pokemon-style monster training side game into Elysian Shadows, where monsters can be captured, trained, and summoned into combat, complete with a VMU and mobile APP allowing you to train the monsters on the go)
  • Maraca/Razer Hydra/Kinect/PS4 Minigame (Motion-based extras and minigames built into ES)
  • Local multiplayer (Secret of Mana-style same-screen local multiplayer)
  • MMO (Elysian Shadows Online: towns will be hubs for chatting, trading, and PVP, while dungeons and storyline will be instanced with 4 player parties (like Phantasy Star Online))

The Elysian Shadows Kickstarter is scheduled to launch August 1, 2014 with the game being released on the Sega Dreamcast, Ouya, Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices in 2015. The team has secured a publishing deal with Watermelon Company to bring hard disc versions of the game, complete with box art, to consumers.

TwoDashStash had the opportunity to host an Indie Stash Cast with Falco Girgis and Tyler Rodgers of the Elysian Shadows development team where we talked about the game, it’s story, distribution, and what its like developing a game on the Dreamcast.

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