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When we say we are for a new generation, we mean it. We recognize that the future of media entertainment lies in independent projects. Whether it is video games, movies, TV shows, or any other form of media, independent creators represent the future of their industry. As a result we are rapidly becoming the internet’s main source for information about independent projects.

Our exclusive Indie Stash coverage features first-looks and previews into the amazing projects that are largely overlooked by other news sources. We provide our audience with articles, interviews, and podcasts about these projects. The TwoDashStash Indie Stash Cast podcast features live interviews with game developers, film directors, and more about the projects they are working on.  All of this gives independent creators the media coverage their projects deserve. No other news website will deliver the same level of detailed coverage that TwoDashStash provides for independent projects.

While we provide the most inclusive independent coverage, we also deliver news and features covering the largest names and projects in the entertainment industries. Our goal at TwoDashStash is to be your number one media news outlet for all the nerdy/geeky things you care about.

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