Why should you advertise with TwoDashStash (TDS)? The answer is simple: we communicate with your target audience.

Audience Information:

Who visits TDS? The gamer, the geek, influencer, and your media consumer.

Our audience consists of active information seekers who are searching for information on the latest games, technology, movies, trend in geek culture. Gamers and geeks spend more time online than any other demographic, and most importantly, they are always purchase ready. TDS offers you the ability to engage with this audience and communicate your brand message directly to them.

Why Choose TDS?

With our unique indie coverage that is highlighted by our popular Indie Stash Cast to its [just as popular] little brother, An Indie Stash Interview, to our ever-growing video features, such as our ‘Quick Play’ show, and our one of a kind  feature stories, our audience continues to grow month after month since our launch in April of 2013.

We offer the most detailed coverage about independent projects; from Indie GoGo and KickStarter campaigns, to already well established indie studios. We also cover all the biggest news in the games and entertainment industries.

As a result, our audience constantly craves information, and they expect us to deliver. You can help satisfy our audience’s thirst for information by presenting your message to them.

Advertising Options:

TDS offers a variety of options for you to connect with your audience. Here are the options we have available:

  • Header Web Banner (Zone 1):

    • 720×90 banner

    • Place your message at the forefront of TDS. This is our prime location and the zone that gets the most clicks and views.

  • Middle Web Banner (Zone 4):

    • 720×90 banner

    • Located only on our front-page between our featured stories and latest content.

  • Sidebar banners (Zone 2 & 3):

    • 300×250 rectangle ads located on the sidebar and featured on every article page and our front page.

  • Sponsored News Story:
    • Your content, our voice. Engage with your audience on a personal level and communicate with them directly through our comment system.
  • Podcast Sponsorship:
    •  Have your message featured on our weekly podcast. Send us a script and any other media content you want featured, this can include screenshots, video clips, and audio segments.
    • Your Script may be up to a minute long and will be featured twice during our weekly TDS Games Cast podcast.
  • Video Sponsorship:
    • Have your message featured on our plethora of video content. This can include the TDS Quick Play, Revisited, A TDS Play Through, and more! Send us a script and any other media content you want featured, this can include screenshots, video clips, and audio segments. If you want to be featured on a specific video segment, be sure to let us know!

For more information about advertising with TDS, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ads@twodashstash.com. We offer an easy and simple way for you to manage your ads with TDS.