The Promise

Arrow: The Promise Review

We all knew it was coming. We knew Slade was alive in the present. We knew he was the one behind Brother Blood and the Mirakuru drug. What we didn't know was when he and Ollie were going to clash. The Promise...
Clock King

Arrow: Time of Death Review

After a hiatus for the Olympics, Arrow has come back. The newest episode "Time of Death" showed the fallout of Sara's return on just about everyone, all the while bringing a very fun villain into the fold....
Legendary Mode

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Review

The armada had come, Robo Knight had fallen, and the Power Rangers were outmatched. This was how Power Rangers Megaforce ended last year. Now it has returned with an upgrade on almost every conceivable...
Teen Titans Go Waffles

Teen Titans Go!: Waffles Review

Teen Titans Go! has a long-standing history of basing episodes off of food. It started off the series with "Legendary Sandwich" and "Pie Bros", then elevated itself to mastery with "Burger vs. Burrito". Now...